Meet the challenges from the transition in enterprise management and strategy

  • In facing the global competition, traditional organizational management style has been unable to respond effectively to market changes, resulting, in that future, companies will need to face the challenges of managing distributed locations, as well as how to effectively manage the mission-based team under the trend of flat-organization.
  • SmoothHR product is designed to cover the needs of enterprise group or team-based style, for the three implementation phases of enterprise human resource strategy, including HRM, HRD, and HRP. Through innovative IT technology, product design and a highly integrated global human resource management system blueprint, we strive to deliver enterprises the talent-based competitive advantage by successfully assisting them in the innovative implementation of human resource strategies and solutions.
Global Business

Solutions to support multi-location and multi-language. Construct a powerful enablement platform for the global integrated human resource management and services.

Team Business

Using mobile technology and self-service solution to assist supervisors and team members effectively enhance the quality and efficiency of teamwork.


Enhance the effectiveness of digital human resource management

  • Human resource strategy is one of the key factors impacting enterprise's future. The SmoothHR solutions with its fully integrated and well-designed architecture and function modules, which supports across the three major management stages, HRM (Human Resource Management), HRD (Human Resource Development) to HRP (Human Resource Performance), can effectively facilitate the enterprises to achieve significant competitive advantages in the performance of eight aspects of major human capital management.

Modern human resource service trends

  • According to statistics, about 70% or more of the human resource management services can be directly provided through the employee self-services.
  • The friendly HR and employee E-services platform provides round the clock self-services not only to effectively reduce the routine efforts of human resources unit, but to utilize the system to promote the implementation of corporate policies, fulfilling the realization of the new human resource management service blueprint.
  • On the other hand, the system can help ensure enterprise to meet all local compliances of government regulations.

Global Management Challenges

  • In today's global business environment, enterprises need HR strategy and solutions to support local and global compliance needs arising from different countries, locations, as well as a variety of industries, which might involving topics like global job rotation, global workflow control and authorization management for conditions of managers holding concurrent multiple positions, and global development and training executions. Often, organizations need to have good solutions to ensure the capability of global information integration and analysis of statistical data across companies.
  • Unlike traditional approach of having separate systems for different companies, which always causes difficulties of global integration and management, The SmoothHR system benefits from a well-designed global system structure as the core foundation and can provide an integrated centralized global management and service support platform. SmoothHR allows to configure different system settings for each company to meet their local compliance requirements, meanwhile, SmoothHR can provide, for employee service and global management requirements, integrated services for global talent management and decision-making support. For those key issues confronted by global business, such as supports of multiple language, different regional labor insurance regulations, multiple currency and tax laws, complex global workflow structure, global security and authorization control and system integration, SmoothHR's flexible and extendable designs have been greatly appreciated and recognized by the market and will continue to evolve and lead the market.

Cloud-based enterprise system architecture

  • The global system architecture design and powerful technology platform work together to construct the core foundation of overall services. SmoothHR supports load balancing implementation and customers can have their choices of either on-premises or cloud-based (Azure, hiCloud or Amazon, etc.), through its modular design flexibility and its integrated global service and management structure, to ensure a smooth non-stop system continuous operation.
  • Through the innovative design of customer-oriented version control and continuous upgrade capability, currently unique in the market, SmoothHR fulfills its implementation of continuous delivery concept. Every year in response to technological changes, regulation adjustments, performance enahncements and market trends, SmoothHR keeps on evolving, optimizing and improving, which is the key difference that decides whether the global HR system can always succeed in response to the fast business changes, or need to be replaced every other years.

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