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To Meet Your eHR Need.

About Us

  • Double Green has dedicated to eHR development for over two decades. As a leading brand of eHR in Taiwan, Double Green keeps making progress to be a world-class information technology company.

Our Mission

  • To create the eHR environment which can serve all employees in the enterprises, help HR professionals perform the related tasks, and then make a meaningful impact on the success of their organization.

Our Values

  • Double Green’s core value guides everything we do, every step we move on to.
No matter clients or employees, what they prefer to is the company which is aware of consideration, gelling the team and pursuing the sustainable development.

What We Think?

  • The difference between business information system and software is not only primarily in the innovation of information system, but merely in the enterprises’ management and reform mindset.
  • That’s why Double Green has defined itself as an information tech company instead of a software company. Accordingly, Double Green consistently focus on the HR solution to integrate newest technology development, cloud service and progressive eHR.



Founded by several ambitious fellows from IBM.
The pioneer in implementing ERP system with 3-tier architecture in Taiwan

Created the readily data concatenate system for Enterprise internal use



Introduced web technology to implement global ERP system

Established the instant interconnection of information technology between enterprises and users worldwide

Accomplished the first ERP web-based system in Taiwan

Provided clients with online self-service



The lead of integrating the resumes in job bank into Enterprises’ system automatically

Assisted CMO in accomplishing the system of electronic recruitment application

SmoothEnterprise® selected Taiwan Innovative Software Award



SmoothHR 1.0 announced

The pioneer of providing the enterprises with the web-based eHR solution in Taiwan

The first software development company which provided with .NET framework and Work Flow in Taiwan

Laid the foundation of automating the workflow process for sign and approval



SmoothHR 2.0 announced

The only eHR which developed with .NET framework in Taiwan

10th Anniversary

Demonstrated the outstanding strength of software technology



SmoothHR 3.0 announced

Precedence was given to user experience in the friendly user interface

eHR solution to Global and local management in diverse companies



Industry's first-ever-Product Dashboard

Providing the most up-to-date information of product

SmoothHR 3.3 announced

The only eHR which supports across HRM (Human Resource Management), HRD (Human Resource Development) to HRP (Human Resource Performance) in Taiwan



eHR cloud service announced

The pioneer of developing and launching the eHR cloud service in Taiwan

SmoothAttendance APP announced

The only eHR application which could support top 3 mobile devices in Taiwan



The system upgrade comprehensively to meet HTML5

SmoothHR leads the pack when it comes to supporting the most browsers

SmoothHR 3.5 announced

Enhance the computing performance and improve the user interface



20th Anniversary
SmooTeam APP announced

The pioneer of developing and launching the eHR APP in Taiwan



Sustainable Development