Stable and Continuous Optimization

  • Break through technical limitations, to help customers achieve truly continuous system evolution and version update, to ensure the system always in best state!

System Maintenance

  • In order to ensure the smooth system operation after production,product engineers will be assigned to perform regular weekly standard system maintenance services.
  • Incloud all related surveillance and service tasks in application server and database servers, as follows:
  • Perform product version upgrade for announced new version release
  • Process the update of function fixes
  • Synchronize and upgrade to the new version edition of product database
  • Implement customized function and related settings
  • Perform regular backup of applications and database
  • Check the server storage status and reorganize disk space
  • Examine the operation status of periodically scheduling services and system services
  • Audit the change log of confidential programs
  • Verify and handle the the issues associated with server event tracking log

Want to know more

  • Obtain professional advice about human resource planning and development
  • Acquire solutions to improve the existing human resource management effectiveness
  • Evaluate options of on-premise or cloud-based human resource management solutions