High Customer Satisfaction

eHR Services Team

  • Integrate experts in IT tech, HRM and visual design field, to ensure 100% customer satisfactory experience!

A Team Specializing in Service

    • Implementation of enterprise HRM and consulting of attendance and payroll system
    • Planning and implementation of employee and manager self-services ( ESS & MSS )
    • Implementation of corporate talent development and training management ( HRD )
    • Implementation of organizational performance management ( HRP )
    • Planning and implementation of global HRM and integrated global services
    • Implementation of enterprise group recruiting management

One-On-One Consulting Service

    • Assign designated senior consultant to support the implementation of each customer
    • Have at least 3 years practical experience in implementation
    • Specifically for only one implementation project at a time
    • Provide the complete monthly service report
    • Ensure and maintain the 100% customer success!

R&D Consultant

    • Provide customer technical advices and assessment services
    • Have at least 10 years of information technology experience

Implementation Assessment

  • In order to help enterprises evaluating the solutions to meet their needs, our product consultant team, based on analysis of customer's requirements, clearly classifies current eHR requirements into 8 major categories and from these categories sorting out of 12 assessment directions, in order to help customers identifying what are key requirements to focus, and figuring out future possible demands in advance through the evaluation process.

Product Implementation

  • Our Professional team, consisting of HR consultants and technical experts, will assist customer at all stages of the solution implementation to successfully go through all well-planned project tasks to ensure overall smooth implementation. Afterwards the product team will continue to maintain customer's production environments, perform function enhancement and upgrade along with the new releases of product version to ensure that the customer's environment always maintains in the best and leading condition.


  • In response to the various system assistance needs of different kinds of user roles during product implementation process, we provide very sound and intact support mechanism. That not only significantly reduces the difficulty for customers to fully utilize the new system, but also helps new employees to smoothly enjoy the related system services through this friendly mechanism.

Want to know more

  • Obtain professional advice about human resource planning and development
  • Acquire solutions to improve the existing human resource management effectiveness
  • Evaluate options of on-premise or cloud-based human resource management solutions