Quality Cloud eHR User Service

  • SmoothCloud provides 5 major customer services to assist each user having 100% satisfactory!

Automatic Update

  • Not only continuous version upgrades, also provides customers function evolution to adopt good ideas or recommendations, and to meet local leagal compliances with an aim to ensure customers always stay in the leading and best position.
  • It means that the system will continue to evolve and become more powerful. Enterprises do not need to invest in the maintenance professional team and maintenance tasks, but just focus on their business operations.

Online Courses

  • Through webinar to guide the cloud customers smoothly use SmoothCloud services, quickly learn practical operations and product features, and also hold online courses to help customers be informed about new function enhancements for better daily operation and local regulation compliances.


  • 3 categories of e-learning contents to provide comprehensive real-time support, and take full advantage of solution features and operational effectiveness.


  • An online Q&A platform is provided to allow users submitting their service requests online. The system will manage those requests automatically, and will arrange consultants to provide related support and give feedback to customers. With this service, users can easily follow up the process status of their requests and get information about the history details of those requests.

Want to know more

  • Obtain professional advice about human resource planning and development
  • Acquire solutions to improve the existing human resource management effectiveness
  • Evaluate options of on-premise or cloud-based human resource management solutions