the Must-have of HR Cloud Service

  • Newest HRM cloud service (Saas) fully provide managers and employees with self-services on Web, mobile and APP.
  • Quick Start, Significant cost advantages, No hardware costs.

Break through management constraints

  • For organizations of compact size or even without separate HR department, there are stronger needs of good solutions, with respect to requirements of government regulations or organization's management, to help effectively managing and meeting legal compliances in order to ensure the smooth business operation.
  • In recent years, the advent of cloud technology has broken through the limitations of traditional management and has become a highly demanded service due to the advantages of no specific IT staff for maintenance, cheap cost of services in rental mode, no additional cost derived, high accessibility as well as availability, which allows enterprises to get their eHR applications up and running faster with improved manageability, provide employees and managers with convenient mobile APP and related Web services and to enjoy immediate return on investment as well as the value and benefits of services.
  • Non-stop employee service portal.
  • 100% compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Anyone, anywhere, anytime, any device.
  • Substitute service for supervising, effectively achieve management goals.

Attendance data collection is not equal to Attendance management

  • To have better grasp of employee attendance status, in addition to managing employee compliance with the normal working hour requirements, organizations also need to effectively handle those overtime cases due to clear government regulations and law-enforcement. In today's competitive environment, overtime or excessively overtime work are quite common situations, therefore SmoothCloud Attendance cloud services can act as the best partner of enterprise in providing integrated friendly HR solutions to help manage a balance between good compliance of regulations and taking into account the interests of both employers and employees simultaneously.
  • Unable to grasp latest employee attendancestatus.
  • Waste a lot of time in comparing attendance data.
  • Annoying With Converting Remaining Compensatory Time into Overtime Payment?
  • Have no effective way to control excessive overtime cases?
  • Often encounter payroll calculation errors due to afterward retroactive leave request?
  • Have too many problems of attendance data found during government labor inspection?

Automated Workforce Management Platform

  • For compact-scale enterprises, due to the natural limitations of management resources as compared with large companies, they have more urgent needs of a good enabler platform to help them achieving effective automated human resource management and service capability. The SmoothCloud service platform provides employees friendly self-services like leave request, overtime request, attendance overview, task management and so on, and provide managers handy services like team attendance overview, review of leave/overtime requests, task progress tracking and other management capabilities. Meanwhile, for the HR professionals, the SmoothCloud service portal further supports them with intact convenient service functions, such as organizational management, employee management, working schedule, attendance management, insurance process, payroll calculation, tax handling and so on. Through the above advanced system services, the SmoothCloud performs as a powerful interaction platform for all levels of workforce, with easy accessibility and unlimited availability, to facilitate their cooperation and communication.

Great helper of human resource management

  • You can rely on the SmoothCloud to handle all attendance events or anomalies, such as automatically verify employee working calendar, leave/overtime data, shift change information, through its system scheduled processing as compared with traditional approach, which can save you several tens of times routine effort and provide higher information accuracy.
  • The SmoothCloud provides the full range of HR facilitator services, including employee basic, organization chart, change transaction, shift arrangement, leave request, overtime, punch card data, attendance data, insurance, payroll and income taxes, which are highly linked and integrated to help successfully, in minutes, completing those period end processing of attendance and payroll calculation. For those afterwards retroactive transaction events, which usually create the biggest headache for HR people, the SmoothCloud can also give the biggest hand to accurately process relevant events based on timely information and help to save most of the time-consuming effort in taking care of those anomalies.

Mobile service is everywhere

  • Today the smartphone has changed the traditional way of communication and innovative enterprises have endeavored to take advantage of mobile technology to extend their employee self-services in their pursuit of excellence.
  • Along with the rapid mobile technological progress, whether in device performance, screen size and resolution, operational design and so on, can almost completely replace the previous computer's capabilities.
  • The SmoothCloud is the first in Taiwan market to provide a wide range of market-leading mobile APPs, including leave/overtime request and approval, departmental attendance status overview, GPS mobile/ QR barcode attendance data collection, which allow the enterprise to leverage the compound advantage of mobile and cloud, through smartphone or tablet devices, to meet real-time business management trends.

Comparative Analysis of cloud service and on-premises solution

SmoothCloud rental service On-premises (In-house) solution
Allows companies to avoid upfront infrastructure costs. Implementation costs Needs to purchase for one-time H/W, S/W and other infrustructure facilities.
Be supported by professional provider for centralized operation management and maintenance, which enables sharing of resources and costs across a pool of companies and can reduce costs and risks instead of handling everything alone. Operation/Maintenance costs Must invest in having your own IT staff, upgrade and maintenance costs of software and hardware, and due to the fluctuating and unpredictable business demand or IT personnel changes, usually have higher risk of scalability, extensibility and unexpected costs.
Provides a unified cloud-based version, so it can rapidly perform continuous innovation and enhancements, in the long run, due to growing flexibility and extensibility, it will eventually more adaptive and capable to grow with the business and to better meet market demand. Degree of requirement compliance Implements under an independent environment and initially can meet more requirement compliance by special customization, but, in the long run, which can also make the system more and more isolated and harder to maintain and grow with future business requirement and market trends.
Based on a well-designed large cloud computing platform, which usually ensures much higher reliability, due to the use of multiple redundant site, infrastructure facilities of higher grade specifications, better capability of hindering hack attack and other redundant high level support mechanisms, to provide better business continuity and disaster recovery. Availability & Stability Can grow with the investment of related infrastructure and IT workforce, but the returns on investment will be low due to being hard to manage the peak-load capacity, system utilisation and operational efficiency.

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