An Integrated Solution from Organization, Attendance to Payroll

  • Powerful assist HR daily management, integrates and auto-verifies from attendance data up to payroll process, providea self-service platform for employees and managers to effectively increase works and service quality of HR operations.

Employee payroll management

  • Supports salary templates to help maintain related salary items and default amounts for all new employees based on the salary structure set for different jobs and positions, which facilitates flexible and proficient employee salary application and remains resilient in salary adjustment for individual employees. System can support features like salary being prorated to multiple cost centers, salary transfer accounts with multiple banks, settings of multi-company withholding units to fully comply with the compensation system requirements of today's enterprises.

Flexible Parameters for attendance and salary control settings

  • Covers all management parameters related to attendance and payroll, including different overtime rate setting, deduction ratio setting of different leave types, full attendance bonus calculation rules, setting of different shift allowances, in order to meet the enterprise compliance requirement. Based on these control parameter settings, the system's monthly salary process will automatically combine the related attendance data to accurately calculate the final amount of each wage item and deduction item to help ease tedious manual effort in checking and verification of payroll process.

Labor and health insurance premium calculation

  • Support the compliance of Taiwan labor and health insurance, new pension system and second-generation health care premium settlement process to ensure that employee premium processing can fully comply with the relevant government decree specifications. The system provides a complete set of functions to handling the premium processing of employees and related dependents, including the addition or cancellation of insurance, change transaction of insurrnace policy, premiums forecast of differenct insurrance case simulation and support the media reporting of premium data. As to the common situations of premium retroactive process, the system will automatically calculate the supplement or rebate amount of premium, based on related information, and can greatly reduce the difficulty of the manual operation and verification in handling this kind of abnormal conditions.

Monthly payroll settlement

  • System supports the payroll settlement for both regular wage items as well as irregular income or bonus items. Multiple pay periods can be implemented based on real requirement. The whole payroll settlement process can be completed, through an integrated function, in handling the calculation of all wage items and deductions and taking all attendance records and transactions into consideration. Employee's monthly withholding tax will be automatically incorporated into the annual income tax job processing. system will proportionally calculate all related salary items for those employees who don't work for the whole month. After the payroll settlement, system can directly generate required payroll transfer files, based on the specific format of different banks, for further bank remittance process.
  • Different authority payroll
  • Time off deduction
  • Overtime pay
  • Shift allowances
  • Court withheld
  • Repay or deduction
  • Tax processing
  • Bank Transfer files
  • Multi-bank salary transfer
  • Batch & individual settlement
  • Automatic retroactive transactions
  • Multiple cost centers sharing
  • Payment management

Flexible payroll summary table

  • Support flexible format of monthly payroll summary report, which allows to specify required payroll information fields according to your needs, enables to create the salary summary report or employee detail reportof based on your selection of by department or by cost center, and supports to export to Excel for further statistical analysis.
payroll-feature-salary-table01 payroll-feature-salary-table02

Individual employee payroll inquiries

  • Replace the traditional printing method of payslips by providing fully personalized payroll inquiry capabilities, which supports detail query of monthly employee payroll information with full calculation details about every wage item. Employee can easily query every detail of payroll item amount to ensure the intact payroll settlement process can effectively safeguard the interests of both company and employees.

How does SmoothAttendance provide accurate and complete employee attendance data for payment caculation and save ?