The new upgrade !

  • Enhancement on stablity and brand new interfaces with HTML5 technologies. More new features released. Accessible on all devices and mobile platforms.





Feature Comparison

SmoothHR Other eHR Solutions
Comprehensive and modular software consisting with 24 modules of HRM, HRD and HRP management.
Support VM ware and Hyper-V.
System Architect Non-modular and mainly for HRM or HRD.
Traditional architecture.
Web-based and works with main browsers, such as IE, Chrome, Safari etc. Enable to export all data into Excel format. Front-end Technology Traditional computer-based. Limited accessibility.
Enable corporate group to operate multi-region and multi-company business in ONE central platform. Legislation Support Need customizations to fit multi-region requirments.
Basic support Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English. (Additional language support on request ) Language Support Only Traditional Chinese OR Simpliefied Chinese provided.
1-on-1 consulting service provided to ensure the implentation successfully completed on time. Implentatoin Service Implentation might be delayed since your consultant are in charge of mulitple cases.
Systematic monitoring product versions for all clients with Product Dashboard. Regular updates with new features and bug fixing, seamless applying to client-ends. Product Version Control Only bug-fixing support. No product verison control provided to ensure sytem operation.
Availble on iOS and Android. (SmoothAttendance native app availble) Mobile Access Limited support.
Tips, FAQs, Training Videos, Manuals and Webinars provided. User Support Support material out-of-dated.
System enhanced with new features and routine maintenance. Technical Support Only fix the function bugs.

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