Intuitive visual organization management to effectively plan and manage organizational staffing

  • Eases the difficulties of being unable to effectively perform organization management, by providing a friendly support of an intuitive organization chart operation, which integrates departmental information and organizational staffing information in the same visual graphical screen.
  • Provides a variety of convenient functions to support the needs of the organizational re-arrangements as well as related staffing change processes, based on the organizational change requirements, to facilitate complex reorganization activities.
  • Supports immediate query with visual representation of organizational evolving history, covering history, current status and future organizational structure and staffing information.

Employee's attendance self-services to facilitate leave/overtime workflow process

  • Benefits from the flexibility of system parameters, which allows to implement company control rules of time off and overtime in the system and to provide employees with friendly online self-services of leave and overtime requests. The system's integrated workflow facility will provide automatic reminding messages of employee's application requests to related supervisors for their approval, which can greatly enhance operation efficiency and save tremendous unwanted management loss and cost.
  • Provides employees with handy query service of their daily attendance information to help them manage their attendance quality and safeguard the interests of both management and workforce.

Departmental attendance dashboard to grasp immediate departmental attendance status

  • Presents a clear calendar screen of monthly attendance highlights, which integrates departmental event information of leave, overtime and other abnormal attendance to facilitate grasping immediate departmental attendance status.
  • Offers transparency of information to help employees understand their own personal attendance status in order to promote autonomous management concepts, while allows the supervisors to have easy access and effective control of the departmental attendance situations.
  • Takes advantage of effective handling capability of daily attendance events, which can save a lot of time and effort in retroactive handling of all sorts of unusual normalities afterwards.

Flexible shift setting to meet all scheduling requirements

  • Provides flexible shift parameters and settings for various attendance rules across different industries and companies, with an aim to solve difficulties of complex scheduling, large variety of shifts and attendance rules as well as hard to get clear insight of management statistics.
  • Supports the special need of multiple shifts in the same day and provides friendly functions of individual and departmental scheduling, batch data maintenance and external batch data import.
  • Animates with innovative scheduling template design to save the effort in performing monthly scheduling, and gives HR administrators the efficiency and flexibility required to achieve the most effective attendance scheduling management.

Mobile phones can be used as the timecard device to facilitate attendance data collection

  • Supports using mobile phones as a timecard device, in addition to a variety of timecard equipments in market, to collect attendance data and automatically performs attendance data analysis to create employee daily attendance records and abnormality notices.
  • Further extends the online timecard function to meet management requirements of all kinds of working styles to help effective managing attendance conditions of office and line staffs.

Highly satisfactory usage experience, regardless of different equipments.

  • All functions can be easily enjoyed through the browser (Web Browser) and some critical services are also supported by mobile APPs, so employee can simply get them up and running to achieve the goal of making human resource services be employee-centric.
  • System allows the conglomerate corporation to well manage all its related sub-companies, by providing multi-language language and properly presenting authorized services and information based on user's privilege.

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